Laser engraving

Laser surface treatment allows you to achieve unique effects. Laser engraving of even complex designs takes relatively short. The small diameter of the laser beam ensures precise reproduction of the project. The variety of materials possible to be processed with this technique gives a lot of freedom in the design of advertising articles.

Laser cutting provides the highest machining speed among all currently known and available methods on the market, which results in higher productivity and efficiency with respect to conventional technologies, and therefore a lower cost of the service. Laser cutting is a technology that does not require additional processing after cutting the element, because the edges of the material, in most cases, are clean and smooth.


Laser marking is fast, what provides higher productivity compared to conventional systems. It is also precise and clean, what gives the highest quality results even for very small details, graphic signs or texts. Laser marking is more durable than traditional methods.

Electronically controlled energy in the form of a laser beam allows, through the use of many combinations of parameters, the marking of a variety of materials, such as engraving laminates, aluminum, plastics, leather and many other materials. Laser marking is becoming more and more popular among companies from the industrial sector, medical companies, banks, printing plants, advertising companies, as well as any other with a demand for this type of services.